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How It Works
A Step-by-step Rundown of how dealbot works
who is this for?
Our best clients meet the following criteria:
  • You're already doing 5 deals per month or more.
  • You want to add another 3-4 deals per month (or more).
  • You're already spending money on marketing.
  • Your acquisitions team is already up and running and can make a deal out of any seller situation.
  • Your average closing rate is 1 out of 10 or greater.
  • You can handle any exit strategy that makes sense for the deal (whether it's a wholesale flip, fix and flip, buy and rent, lease option or sub-2).
  • Your average profit per deal is at least $10k.
  • You need more leads to fill the pipeline for your acquisitions team to keep the whole machine running.
Are the leads any good?
No.  They're flippin' great.
  • Leads are highly targeted because we only market to property owners in your target area who own properties matching your criteria.
  • Leads are pre-qualified through our multi-stage response process.  By the time you speak to them, they are fully educated on what you can do for them.
  • Leads may come with a number of reasons for selling, including inherited properties, tired landlords, ugly house owners, and more.
Dealbot is an automated lead generation machine that produces motivated seller leads on-demand, so you can have consistent, predictable, and reliable lead flow right NOW, without relying on Google, SEO, or word-of-mouth referrals.